TBN! Welcome Back – Vaping / Covid DEBUNKED – Mail Ban Is Bad For Cannabis Too

Welcome back to Tuesday Bro NEWSDAY. New name, new co-host / fact checker, same reliable industry news and commentary.

Today’s topics include: Getting caught up on what we missed. To nobodies real surprise, the budget bill passed, which included the anti-vape mail language. But also included some other interesting things that not many people have caught on yet. I wanted to talk a bit about the PACT act, and what that means for the vape industry. We also have some Sweden nicotine news, as well as some vape news from Australia.

Get informed, fight the power, damn the man

All timestamps, links and podcast will be down below

Timestamps Courtesy Of JeremyV

00:00 Epic Hold Screen – 04:12 Show Starts With A Dangleclack – 08:40 Vape Mail Ban Update – 49:03 News From Australia – 58:27 The Usual Suspects – 01:01:30 – Massachusetts Flavor Ban Poll 01:12:57 – Vaping & COVID Study Update 01:38:15 – OSTA Act (H.R. 395) – 01:40:30 Masks, Guns, and Jousting

THE USUAL SUSPECTS – Critical / Recurring Links

Veritas Cohort StudyYou Don’t Know NicotineCanadian Vaping AssociationCochrane Library Meta-analysisVape Consumer Survey 2020EU nicotine User Survey

Stream Specific Links

Hope For Hope – Go Fund MeShould Massachusetts lift its ban on flavored tobacco products?Trump Signs Budget Bill with Vape Mail Ban IncludedExperts Question Study Claiming E-Cigarettes Are a COVID-19 Risk FactorCongressional Ban On Mailing E-Cigarettes Appears To Cover Marijuana VapesDoctors criticise new laws designed to make it harder for vapers to access liquid nicotine

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