Bridg’D V1.2+ Build stream / Rundown

Welcome to another Monday build stream! been DYING to get this BRIDG’D V1.2+ built and vaping. I purchased this from one of my Patrons and could not be more thankful or excited. After having jumped down the billet box rabbit hole, I’ve just wanted to try everything available. Everyone and their brother told me that this is THE bridge to have for your boro tank, so we are going to do a build stream and a rundown for this little guy.

Post stream thoughts and links are down below

Alright so a few hours later and i’m still loving this thing. The airflow is exactly what I expected. It honestly feels almost exactly like the VapeSnail from Atmizoo that I love so much. Flavor on the Bridg’d 1.2 is banging as I would expect. Like I said in the video I have yet to run across a Billet Box Bridge that has bad flavor. It was overall really easy to build and wick. Even with a 2mm coil it’s vaping awesome. Some people have been telling me to try some 3mm coils in there and it’s already on my to-do list. I have a feeling i’m going to have a nice long relationship with this Bridg’d.

Now if you’re going to ask me where or how to buy them? i’ll simply tell you I have no idea. Actually that’s not entirely true. WICK’D does have a website. You will be hard pressed to find these in stock, clicking there now it just says “SOLD OUT”

There are various Facebook billet box groups where people sometimes will buy / sell / trade if you wanted to try to track one down that way. I do have a 2nd one that I can’t decide what to do with. I’m either going to sell it, or give it away on my Patreon. Or hell… I may just keep the damn thing and run two of them all the time!

Be Excellent


More Info On The BRIDG’D 1.2 can be found here at