Evolv Reflex – Hard Stop

Here we go, it’s the Evolv Reflex pod.

Right out of the gate, the Reflex from EVOLV is quite pricey, quite fiddly and overall not a great vaping experience. The tech on the inside is pretty fascinating and works as intended. The vape does feel different than a traditional “on/off” airflow switch, but not by much. Certainly not enough to justify that sticker price.

As neat as the tech is, everything else on this pod falls terribly short. The fit and finish aren’t great. It feels outdated and cheap already. The airflow is uncomfortable, sharp, turbulent and uneven feeling. The airflow is also louder than other pods. The flavor is some of the worst I have had in a pod.

But wait… there is more…

As I said in the video, I still like Evolv, i’m thankful for their innovation over the years, i’m thankful for all the high quality DNA boards we have, but apart from having great boards, that get used by other companies, it seems that EVOLV cant design their own products to save their life.

If we are trying to appeal to smokers, the product needs to be as simple and effortless as possible IMO. Scanning QR codes to find the air pressure PSI variables of the pod is pretty neat and geeky, but ultimately in my opinion doesn’t serve the smoker, it only makes things more complicated than they need to be.

I was also thinking about this tech quite a bit, and it’s a pretty neat idea. I can see possibly where this tech could go, to actually re-create a cigarette feeling from start to finish. As it stands now it does get warmer the harder you drag ( like a cigarette cherry ). But when you smoke a cigarette it gets shorter as you smoke. So the cherry gets closer and closer, making each drag a little warmer than the last. This is more like having a never-ending-cherry that performs like a cigarette, but will never burn down like a cigarette.

If you read that whole novel, then thank you. I honestly think Evolv would benefit from some designers.