The Mongrel RDA – Build Stream / Rundown in 41min or less!

If i’m being really really honest here, this Mongrel RDA has been sitting in my office for close to a full month now. Which in the vape world might as well be 6 months. The Mongrel RDA is a 24mm single coil guy. Really interesting looking airflow and airflow inserts. After a few dry toots the airflow feels pretty nice. Leaning toward the “sharp” side, but I still have faith this Mongrel RDA will deliver for me.

So let’s build it together!!!
After-stream-thoughts, Timestamps and links will be down below

00:00 QVC Hold Screen
05:03: Hello There
07:37 Show and Tell / Squonk pin
11:06 Coil Choice / Building
18:15 Glowing / Wicking
22:53 Juiced and Vapors
30:34 The CKY Story
31:59 Mongrel Final Discussion

Timestamps as a fancy quote

Now that i’ve had some time to spend with it…

It’s been a little banger man. Due to the position of the coil, there is some “spatter” that happens when you fire it. You have to really want to make this RDA leak, I mean really flood that deck. It’s designed to squonk as well, so a deep juice well is a must.

Flavor is solid. It’s a single coil, so it’s not full of richness, but it is nice and tasty. The big downside so far, as we saw in the video is the LOUD AIRFLOW. Man this Mongrel RDA has a loud effing airflow. It kinda just screams at you. Despite those flaws, it’s still pretty rad. Plenty of better RDA’s on the market, but they don’t all come with a spare glass cap.

3.5 Banana Stickers, Final answer

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