TBN! Canada’s NIC Cap Will Kill People – Nicotine vs FDA vs ALTRIA

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Today’s Topics Include: Canada’s Nicotine Cap, good or bad? Professor Brad Roudou slams Blomberg’s misleading article about nicotine. Stanton Glantz also chimes in on the subject for some reason. The Real Cost campaign is still sticking in my craw. We got some de-bunking to do and some science-y stuff to share. Welcome.

CASAA – USPS Open Comment Period
Bloomberg’s Millions Funded an Effective Campaign Against Vaping. Could It Do More Harm Than Good?

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Vlog Starts at – 04:15 Newsy Things – 08:27 Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz – 10:03 Cliff Douglas – 13:10 Chinese Regulations – 20:17 FDA Warning Letters – 22:18 Tobaccokills.ca / Canada Nic Cap – 23:46 Nicotine Misinformation – 40:17 Response from Glantz – 01:07:47 Schizophrenia Smoking/Vaping Study – 01:17:26 King’s College London Study – 01:23:20 E-cigarettes “Gateway” Effect – 01:29:52

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