Coil Crackle Stream!! This Is How We Crackle – Also Breezetones is here!

“Crackle” or “popping” is generally considered a desirable experience from a vaporizer (RDA / RTA ) but how and why does it happen? what methods can we use to consistently create the deep crackle? does wire matter? do coils matter? diameter? cotton density? surface area?

Today Adam Breezetones and I are going to hold the first ever CRACKLE COUNCIL and do a bit of a deep dive into the phenomenon known as coil-crackle.

Everything today will be based on our own experiences, testing and methodology. There is no “one way” to achieve a crackle filled vape. Your way is not “wrong”. This isn’t intended to be the final hammer of judgment on all things crackle. We are simply exploring the phenomenon and having the discussion.

Breezetones Full Bacon Roll Technique Video

I honestly tried to get timestamps for this video. I watched it twice and couldn’t really come up with any. It’s just a really good conversation throughout the video. Use this information however you want. Remember the only wrong way to vape, is to smoke.