Welcome back to Tuesday Bro Tuesday. Same show by name only. Timestamps are the first pinned comment underneath this video.

Each week for roughly an hour and a half we will all be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction.

Today’s Topics include: Discrediting the myth making machine. MP Greg Hunt in Australia has gone full Bloomberg. Criminal new anti-vaping and nicotine laws threaten to destroy the vape industry and send tens of thousands of people back to deadly combustible tobacco cigarettes. This aggression will not stand.

Is freedom better than slavery? Technically yes… but so what?


Welcome friends to the VLOG 6/11/20 replay!

We will be going through many of the regular segments this week including Beer, Retro Vaping, Liquid Tasting and more. Gates open, come on in. We have a NEW GOD COIL tonight. The originator of it has sent me a framed version and were going to vape it! As always we have some news and advocacy to talk about. We are going Read Breezetones story about getting a nicotine prescription in Australia.

All links and podcast version of the stream are below