Apocalypse V2 25mm – Armageddon MFG – Less than 50 min!

I’ve recently been cleaning out some stuff and digging through some stuff in my office and have run across some pretty cool stuff that I never realized I had in my possession. One of those items is this ( titanium? ) Apocalypse 25mm RDA from Armageddon MFG.

I haven’t used one of these in a number of years, and even when I did (I Didn’t build it ) and I wasn’t a super fan of them. Well today were going to install some coils and give it a vape. Spoiler alert: I was peer pressured into vaping it at 140w, which for this old man… seems a bit excessive.


Post Stream Thoughts…

I’ve never built on this deck before and It was a bit fiddly my first time out. The very squared off holes made the install a little difficult IMO. Rather than going from the far edge to the center, we just stacked em right in the middle which was tougher than I thought it would be. As it stands one coil is real close to the deck, and one is further away. Other than how it looks, it doesn’t really affect the overall vape.

Flavor is fine, could be a lot better. Most everything I currently have on my desk including the Aromamizer V3, Recoil RDA, Sonett RDA and Blotto mini all have a touch nicer flavor than this. The airflow is nice and smooth. It’s real open and REAL cloud-chasing, but I suppose when you are running a 0.11 at 140w you need that big open airflow. Maybe i’m getting old, but my wattage has come way down over the years. Even a 0.13 I only run at 75w-80w these days.

The titanium is NICE, transfers very little heat at those high wattages. The price on these (non titanium ) seems to be around $50, so not too crazy. Not sure how much the titanium version goes for. No links allowed so use that google foo if you are interested in getting one.