Build ‘n Chill – 40MM Trilogy XL RTA – An OLD Azeroth – Yearly Mesh Trial

Welcome everyone to the monday afternoon build ‘n chill aka The Build Stream aka The Install Stream aka The Monday Vape Fiddle. Today is like “The BIG One” – “The OLD One” and “The MESH One”

I have a 40mm Trilogy XL RTA today from VaperzCloud out of the UK that I am insanely excited to build and vape. We have an old Azeroth RTA with truly and honestly, one of the strangest decks I have ever seen. Then lastly it’s time to remind myself why I don’t really like MESH RTA’s by giving the Profile the yearly install-of-mesh-and-vape it routine.

I can’t post links, but here is what is playing in the background today

All my post stream thoughts on these RTAs will be down below


00:00 Final Countdown 05:03 Hello! / Stream Rundown 12:43 Profile Mesh Install 27:21 Profile Vape Judge 33:30 Azeroth Triple Coil Build 50:40 Azeroth Triple Coil Wick 59:31 Azeroth Vape Judge 01:05:42 Trilogy 40MM Build 01:22:01 Trilogy 40mm Wick 01:30:48 Trilogy 40mm Vape Judge

This is the best vape I have had on mesh of this style before. I honestly don’t know what I did different other than using Cotton Bacon instead of the Wotofo “shoelace” cotton. Honestly I have no idea, it’s just vaping completely awesome.

Azeroth triple coil deck? yeah it’s awesome. Crackle and flavor for sure. The wicking is keeping up just fine. Not sure I see a huge benefit of having 3 instead of two coils, but it’s still fun and honestly is still vaping just as good as anything on my desk.

Now the Trilogy 40mm RTA. It’s just a goliath man. Huge solid sturdy construction. AJ Holland coils giving me a delightful crackle. Flavor is surprisingly good for an RTA of this size. It’s a little adjustment building and wicking on a deck this big, but certainly far from impossible. Build big and pull em to the center. The cut-outs can hold a lot of wick but you don’t need to go crazy. 0.14 at 225w feels and vapes so great.