TBN! Anti-Science Bloomberg Could Be Breaking Laws – W.H.O. Doesn’t Get It

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Today we are going to spend some time talking about Mr Anti-Science himself, Mike Bloomberg and how his anti-vaping campaign might have broken domestic and international laws. The fine upstanding World Health Organization has also released its regulatory recommendations for HTP and nicotine vapor products. Spoiler, they want all “tobacco” banned, regardless of the harm it causes.

We have a new CDC director too who seems to be pretty heavily focused on “returning the CDC to it’s science roots” . Those stories and so SO much more today on TBN.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
04:09 Hello There / Topic Rundown
10:12 CA Flavor Ban Blocked
19:00 PACT Webinar
21:40 New CDC Director
30:31 W.H.O. Tobacco / Vaping Recommendations
01:03:29 Bloomberg Broke International Laws?
01:12:10 Update From The UK
01:21:14 Two Last Things
01:24:28 CASAA Calls To Action

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