TBN! Smoking’s Long Decline Is Over – American Cancer Society Sucks

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Today we are going to spend some time talking about a piece from the Wall Street Journal discussing how Smoking’s Long Decline Is Over, Cigarette sales are up, people are smoking more and more cigarettes. But why? We’re also going to spend a little time today discussing the American Heart Association and their paper about nicotine and anxiety. Some good news, some less than good news. We are here to discredit the myth making machine.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
04:41 Hello There
08:13 CASAA Virtual Hearings (+ Calls to Action)
17:27 USPS Vape Mail Ban Update
27:50 Let’s Talk E-cigarettes Podcast
31:00 American Cancer Society
41:02 Good News from Montana
48:56 Good News from Australia
55:20 Smoking’s Long Decline is Over

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Smoking’s Long Decline Is Over

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