TBN! Yes, I Believe A Menthol Ban Is Racist AND Happy May The 4th

It’s May The 4th and I would much rather hang out and have fun talking about Star Wars. Don’t worry, we will, but first there is some business to take care of.

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy and information. We pride ourselves on following science and fact over politics and partisan lines. Our guests often include public health advocates, experts and doctors. Timestamps are the first pinned comment underneath this video. Science will win, Vaping is going to change the world and save millions and millions of lives.

Every other Tuesday afternoon we will be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, tobacco, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction. Let’s get educated and fight the good fight together!

Today’s Topics Include: The FDA is finally going to ban menthol, or at least try to. There is opposition to this from literally everywhere. Republicans are against it, house dems are against it, the ACLU is against it and Barclay’s investment house said it would be GOOD for cigarette sales. Were going to dig into all things Menthol ban today, and then chill a bit and celebrate May The 4th because Danelle and I are both enormous Star Wars fans.


00:00 Holding…
05:09 Hello There
10:31 Newsy Things
10:44 Clive Bates Tweet
16:14 Let’s Talk E-cigarettes
20:01 Anti-Vaping Awareness Day
28:55 CT Flavor Ban
34:16 The Main Thing (Menthol Ban)
01:35:42 Tax Talk
01:58:25 May the 4th / Movie Discussion

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