XXL VLOG! Double Your Pleasure – Double Your Fun – Running Long Already!

Welcome to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 6/3/21! #Replaycrew! those timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video. Tonight’s VLOG is for everyone over the years that told me “Hey you should do like a 4-hour vlog” While I’m hoping tonight won’t go quite that long, it is going to be an XXL SIZED VLOG TONIGHT! Double segments galore. Double Beer, Double Mail, Double Retros, Double Records, Double tastings.

Hope you have a big ol beer tonight because it’s a full FULL lineup tonight! so chances are we will be running long.


00:00 Millpooooool
05:19 Hello And Welcome – Part 1
08:57 My Favorite Thing is at
16:57 Beer Part 1
27:26 What I’ve Been Vaping
33:02 Vape Mail Part 1
48:01 Retro Vaping Part 1
01:01:54 Random Liquid Tasting Part 1
01:13:54 Getting to Know Grimm Green Part 1
01:26:44 News & Advocacy is at
02:18:04 Vlog Part 2!
02:21:05 Beer Part 2!
02:30:06 Vape Mail Part 2!
02:51:08 Retro Vaping Part 2!
03:14:20 Random Liquid Tasting Part 2!
03:28:44 Getting to Know Grimm Green Part 2!

Stream Specific Links

Charles Gardner 10,000 Studies – Mic Drop Tweet
TobaccoKills Call To action for Canada
Rights For Vapers – Canada
Vaping Demystified – Yorkshire Cancer Research
American Vaping Association
World Vapers Alliance EU Petition
Netherlands Flavor ban
WHO has gone rogue on tobacco policy – millions at risk from tired dogma and a refusal to grasp innovation
!THE LETTER! – read this, it’s awesome
The Weak, Unconvincing Case Against Vaping
Ethan Nadelmann Ecig Summit Speech

Less Critical Recurring Links

Oops…no podcast this week!