The Vaporesso Xiron AIO – is kind of a banger

The XIRON is going to be a little sleeper device. It’s real simple and un-assuming, but vapes REALLY well. As I said in the video i’ve been going back and forth between The XIRON and the Hita Ink and they are insanely evenly matched in their good vape experience. It is honestly kind of a banger.

GTX Coils vape very well and are fairly reliable. Coil head life has been ok, Sometimes a GTX will last for 60ml of liquid… sometimes less, your mileage might vary. For the most part, I find them enjoyable.


00:00 introductions
01:19 Up Close
04:34 Pros
06:03 Cons
06:46 Banana Stickers / Final Thoughts

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