Drop Solo1.5 | Single Coil RDA

This one is a tough one for me. As I said in the video, didn’t care terribly for the OG Drop ( didn’t like the deck ) the OG Drop Solo was a bit more enjoyable. The Drop 1.5 wasn’t AMAZING ( mostly the deck complaint ) and finally, when we land at the Drop Solo 1.5 ( Single Coil RDA ) I can’t help but feel like we have seen this deck for like ….a decade now.

In my opinion, it is an outdated design that really offers no benefits except for really really bent coil leads. They could have done this 10 different ways and all of them would have been better than what we got with the Drop Solo 1.5.

On the upside the flavor can be bangin, and it looks real slick.


00:00 hello there
02:09 Up Close
03:34 Wicking
04:44 Normal View / Likes
05:52 Dislikes
09:08 Budget, Alien, Bananas

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