Last VLOG Before Summer Break! | QP VAPE MAIL! | EPIC BEER

Mother, Trucking, VLOG DAY YOU GUYS! Welcome! those timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video. Got one hell of an action packed VLOG for everyone tonight. We’ve got an EPIC BEER tonight, we have some QP VAPE MAIL TONIGHT, retro vapings, liquid tastings, getting to know GrimmGreen possibly, and some news.

Get mad and get active in Canada. They have truly gone off the rails. It’s like a CFTFK Fast Track or something. Use the links below. Defend VAPING!


00:00 Field Trip To Scranton
06:57 Hello And Welcome
10:34 Comments of the Week
17:47 Beertime!
31:11 Summer Break Announcement
36:06 What I’ve Been Vaping
45:45 Birthday Shoutouts
49:39 News & Advocacy
01:26:25 Vape Mail
01:54:50 QP Kong RDA & Prey Mech Mod Setup
02:27:41 Random Liquid Tasting

Stream Specific Links

Sign This Petition Please
Janine Timmons on RegWatch
Vaping Demystified
FDA Falsely Issued Warning Letters, Other PMTA Problems
The Canadian Vaping Association GoFundMe

Less Critical Recurring Links

Oops…no podcast this week!

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