TBN! Stanton Glantz | Big Tobacco’s Little Helper

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: Some good news in Maine, some strange news from Mass and our MAIN THING this week is all about our favorite vape prohibitionist Stanton Glantz.

One of our favorite people Marc Gunther wrote an INCREDIBLE and revealing piece about Big Tobacco’s Little Helper Stanton Glantz. Cathartic rage sweat and truth butter will be flowing today.


00:00 Hold Please
05:07 Welcome Back
12:15 Newsy Things
16:53 Right 2 Switch Petition
19:01 Maine Flavor Ban Update
35:03 New Truth About Vaping Video Premiere
44:21 The Roast of Stanton Glantz

Stream Specific Links

Lawmakers right to nix flavored tobacco ban in final budget agreement
Brookline, Mass. Bans Tobacco, Vape Sales to Anyone Born in 21st Century
Don’t let your right to choose alternatives to smoking be taken away! | #Right2Switch
An Anti-Tobacco Hero’s Complicated Legacy

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