TBN! Meanwhile in the UK!! And Around The Globe! Vaping Worldwide

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics include: The Global State of Vaping. Apart from some updates from FDA in the US. I want to talk about Australia, The Philippines, The UK, The Netherlands, Malaysia ETC. I say this all the time but vaping is a worldwide movement and this fight for harm reduction is happening across the globe, there are millions and millions of us.

Be Informed, Trust Science, Defend Vaping

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00:00 Hold Please
05:08 TBN GO!
15:15 The Main Thing (Around the Globe)
15:25 USA News
22:08 Vapor Tax Update
25:56 DIY Talk
32:54 Australia News
40:11 Malaysia News
44:33 Philippines News
50:42 Ukraine News
54:32 New Zealand News
01:00:32 Luxembourg News
01:02:37 EU News
01:19:05 UK News
01:29:20 Canada News

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