VLOG! More REALLY Vintage Grimm | Band Reviews | Reverse Vape Mail

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. Tonight we will attempt some of the regular segments including Mail, Beer, GTKGG, Liquid Tasting, Retro Vapings, News, and more! MAYBE REVERSE VAPE MAIL TOO!! Oh, and I have some more vintage Grimm Green from the archives. Also, we are going to review a band tonight. Chances are also pretty good we will be running long. Because reasons.

The only thing I really care about right now is that call to action, so the news will only be that tonight. Also, the WHO still sucks and suddenly Gov Ned Lamont in CT LOOOOOVES Philip Morris International.


00:00 watch the mod
05:22 Hello And Welcome
08:54 My Favorite Thing
15:47 Beer #1
24:49 Birthday Shoutouts
32:03 What I’ve Been Vaping
43:05 Band Review
52:18 News & Advocacy
01:18:59 Beer #2
01:22:49 Vape Mail
01:32:12 Random Liquid Tasting
01:58:12 Getting to Know Grimm Green
02:12:47 Retro Vaping

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