Ceò by MT Essentials | Setup ‘n Wick ‘n Chill

Some early “dangle clacks” with the volume but we get it sorted out. So it’s been a min since we have been here on a Monday, but I felt like today was a good day to do a little stream with the Ceò by MT Essentials.

Mark Todd has released a boro bridge for the billet box and I’m terribly excited to use it. I’ve heard a lot already, gotten a lot of tips already so this should be FUN! I’ll post all my post stream thoughts on the Ceò down below as well as do a full-on, banana sticker review for the Ceò by MT Essentials.

Check Todd out HERE if you aren’t already hip

Ceò full review will be here when it’s done.


00:00 Hey Guys
02:10 Stream Starts
08:21 Setup Starts
41:31 The Leak / Rewick
58:00 Ceò vape / discussion


Flavor all day long. My initial wicking seemed to be the culprit of the leaking because now it’s holding up completely awesome. The airflow is smooth as balls and the flavor… as I said… all day long. Really stellar vape so far. I will report back in a few weeks with a full full CEÒ review with banana stickers and all.

Watch Todd’s Introduction Video

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