TBN! Harm Reduction FTW | NJ Vape Shop LAWS | Unpopular Opinions

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: Time is actually running out for FDA. We are going to re-discuss this lawsuit which puts the FDA’s entire tobacco product regulatory system in question. To no one’s surprise, Americans don’t know jack about Nicotine, New Jersey has some new vape shop laws on the books and it’s a little ridiculous.

It has honestly been a slow news cycle for vaping and nicotine, lots of little things to discuss and I want to end with some unpopular opinions with Danielle Jones. Also, Cannabis may protect against COVID19 according to a new study.


00:00 Hold Please
04:57 TBN GO!
16:11 CASAA Testimonials
21:09 Catch Your Breath UCF
39:26 Nicotine Gum / New Jersey
59:15 Cigarettes vs. Vaping Poll
01:07:41 Mayo vs. Miracle Whip
01:12:56 Alex Norcia – FDA Lawsuits
01:21:11 GMO / Food Talk
01:43:27 SB0512 (Illinois) / HB2261 (Oregon)
01:57:56 CASAA Calls to Action / Fatigue
02:06:13 The BIGGER Harm Reduction World

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