Harm Reduction : Beyond Tobacco with Logan Exhales | End The Drug War

Welcome back to TBN. Industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: Friend of the show and friend of vaping in general, it’s Logan Exhales everyone. We are here today to discuss harm reduction in a more broad sense of the word. Our friends at the Truth Initiative are getting involved in the “Opioid Crisis” and we want to dispel some MYTHS going around.

Logan is a real subject matter expert on this so any questions you have, chat them up and tag me or Superchat us. Link explosion will be below.


00:00 Hold Please
05:07 TBN Starts
08:55 Introducing Logan Exhales
09:50 CASAA Calls to Action
16:23 Bodily Autonomy
25:09 EVALI
29:44 Narcotics / Black Market / Drug War
46:00 Oregon Drug Decriminalization
54:03 Distribution of “Safe Smoking Kits”
01:06:57 Methadone Documentary (“Liquid Handcuffs”)
01:12:00 Alcohol, Prohibition, & Vaping
01:16:57 CDC / Dripping
01:25:19 Harm Reduction & Public Perception
01:33:00 Narcan & Fentanyl Misconceptions
01:54:27 Have You Tried Watching Birds?
01:56:37 Truth Initiative
02:20:32 Closing Thoughts

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