VLOG! Voltrove Boro For Sure | Tell Biden You Vape! | New TERK Liquid | Pliny The Elder

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. ZERO ABV BEER ( and regular beer Pliny The Elder ) tonight. Totally going to get to that Voltrove RBA tonight, totally going to get into some new mTerk liquids tonight.

I also share about our trip up to visit with dad ANDDDD we finally get in a retro vaping. Hello SUB TANK MINAY. Vape mail for sure, news and advocacy for sure, the gate is open, come on in.

Thanks for coming out. Link explosion below.


00:00 Link VS Lynel
05:22 Hello And Welcome
07:04 Quick Rundown
09:44 Nick Kills Horse (or vice versa)
12:45 Fake Beer
23:54 Birthdays
26:34 What I’ve Been Vaping
31:57 Retro Vaping
01:03:43 Real Beer
01:06:56 Getting to Know Grimm Green
01:16:05 Assignment America
01:27:03 News & Advocacy
01:51:25 Vape Mail
02:02:46 Voltrove / Random Liquid Tasting

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