TBN! Stop Smoking | Start VAPING! with Dr. Colin Mendelsohn

Welcome back to TBN. Industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: Friend of the show and friend of vaping in general Dr. Colin Mendelsohn everybody. We are here today to discuss his new book titled Stop Smoking Start Vaping. It’s available everywhere and is literally packed with loads of really great information.

We will be discussing his book, Australia vaping in general, the prescription model, and anything else we can think of. If you have a question, tag Danielle or myself or super-chat it and we will definitely get to it!


00:00 Hold Please
05:06 TBN GO!
08:13 Australia Vaping Update
18:39 The Power of Testimonials
23:24 Demonizing Nicotine
28:27 Stop Smoking Start Vaping Book
30:50 Dependence vs. Addiction
32:24 Smoking vs. Vaping
39:42 Big Tobacco
44:19 EVALI
51:18 Persuasive Vaping Studies for Medical Professionals
56:33 Guidance for New Vapers
01:06:52 NRTs, Vaping, & Health Professionals
01:13:57 Defending the Indefensible
01:22:05 The Future of Vaping
01:31:08 Vaping Facts Website
01:40:17 Vaping’s Biggest Hurdle?
01:41:37 Where to Buy Colin’s Book
01:45:49 Superchats

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