VLOG! Vaping and Diabetes?! New Records! Atemporal RTA – Hella Retro Vaping

I hate that the title of the vlog, has just become like a click-baity headline. YouTube is a rough place man, but I gotta try to get those views. Anyway…. Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. Volume warning about an hour in.

I ordered a record from Sweden and it’s here! This actually arrived last Friday and I’ve been keeping it so I could open it on the VLOG. So mail for sure, beer for sure, retro vape FOR SURE. Hella even. Of course random liquid tasting, of course, news and advocacy because HYPOCRISY!!.

I also wanna take a crack at that Atemporal RTA that arrived last week. Also vaping doesn’t cause diabetes duh.

Stoked for a fun night. Link explosion will be below.


**Thank you Poonsauce Mcnasty!

00:00 Stay Neko
5:10 Hello And Welcome
15:26 Birthdays
18:40 Beer Time
24:23 What I’ve Been Vaping
39:36 News And Advocacy
1:13:43 Assignment Planet Globe
1:26:58 Dixxon Comes Off
1:27:05 Retro Vaping
1:49:11 Mail Call
2:07:43 Getting To Know GrimmGreen ( VOKONIS )
2:29:29 Atemporal RTA First Impressions
2:41:38 VERY random liquid tasting
3:10:34 Announcement!

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