Surprise Edited VLOG! Tazed For Vaping AGAIN! New Boxer Boro MOD! SALSA MAIL!!


Hello and welcome, welcome and hello. I know I said there would NOT be a VLOG this week, and that is still true. This is not a LIVE STREAM, but an old-school style, pre-recorded and edited VLOG. I wasn’t cool with missing the VLOG for two weeks in a row. The VLOG next week will still be dark.

Now then, this was honestly a banger of a VLOG. Every segment except for the superchats are here. Retro Vaping, Beer, Mail, Liquid Tasting, and even some news.

We discuss the story of the kid that was tased for vaping. Or is it Tazed for vaping? Either way, this makes number 3 of kids being tazed for vaping now. How did they think the laws would be enforced?

The mail yielded some delicious SALSA and a new boro Boxer mod, dna 60 little guy, it’s kind of radical.

Thanks for being here, the gate is open. Come on in. Link explosion will be below.


00:00 Hello and welcome
04:54 Rundown
07:12 What I’ve Been Vaping
15:51 Beer Time
21:56 News ( Tazed For Vaping )
29:37 Mail Call
52:08 Retro Vaping
01:00:52 Getting To Know GrimmGreen
01:13:27 Random Liquid Tasting

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