The “LOST” Twitch VLOG | 4/28/2022 | Banger 9,000

Hello and Welcome, welcome and Hello. This is the replay of the “lost” VLOG from April 28th 2022 previously streamed on Twitch. It was truly one of the most fun vlogs in recent memory. All segments present and accounted for. Retro, beer, mail, liquid, news all the good stuff.

Thanks for being here, the gate is open. Come on in. Link explosion will be below.


00:00 Intro
00:17 Hello and Welcome
01:24 Quick Rundown
03:05 YouTube Prison
10:59 Beer
18:34 Retro Vaping
42:12 What I’ve Been Vaping
48:31 Assignment Planet Globe
01:06:04 News & Advocacy
01:29:04 Vape Mail
02:01:23 Random Liquid Tasting
02:23:08 Getting to Know Grimm Green

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Less Critical Recurring Links

Oops…no podcast this week!