THE VLOG! A More Dignified Stream | A BAND REVIEW | UH OH YouTube

Well Hello and Welcome!! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. Much to discuss tonight. YouTube might not actually be a feasible option anymore for vapers. I’m going to stick it out, but the rules are almost un-follow-able. What you SAY in a video can now be used against you.

Retro vape for sure, liquid tasting for sure, beer for sure ( low ABV lol ). Got some news about the American Heart Association, they just continue to lie and lie and lie and lie.

Also got a BAND REVIEW tonight that I’m very stoked about. Got a little bit of mail as well, I think one is a RECORD.

Gate is open, come on in. Link Explosion will be below.


00:00 obviously working hard
05:21 Vlog Starts
07:47 Quick Rundown
11:06 Beer
22:41 What I’ve Been Vaping
32:47 Birthdays
35:35 Retro Vaping
01:08:19 Dixxon Comes Off
01:15:31 Assignment Planet Globe
01:29:34 News & Advocacy
02:14:30 Vape Mail
02:35:35 Band Review
02:44:57 Getting to Know Grimm Green
02:54:17 Random Liquid Tasting

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Oops…no podcast this week!