TBN! The Vape Lawyer Azim Chowdhury is here to talk FDA and Synthetic nic

Welcome back to TBN: Industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s topic is Azim Chowdhury “The Vape Lawyer” is here to discuss all things FDA, CDC, PMTA, and Synthetic Nicotine. We also discuss our new head of the CTP Brian King, it’s not great. We are Danielle-less today so it’s just me holding down the fort.

Thanks for being here and thanks for being down for the cause, any links I mention in the stream will be down below.


04:55 TBN Starts
06:13 Azim Introduction
07:27 Reflecting on the Last 6 Years
14:05 Youth Vaping / Flavors
18:11 Dangleclacks
27:11 Synthetic Nicotine
36:12 Pending Lawsuits
40:40 Menthol Ban
44:33 FDA Enforcement
47:34 Nicotine Levels
01:11:23 How the FDA Manipulates the Media
01:14:29 Brian King
01:18:53 World Health Organization

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