TBN! The Vapers VS Parade Magazine | Anti Science Hogwash

Welcome back to TBN! Industry news, advocacy, and information. We care about facts and science here. We care about harm and harm reduction here. Today’s Topic: Vapers VS Parade Magazine.

We have become pretty accustomed to constant unscientific propaganda over the years. Vaping has been both a demon and a life-saving harm reduction intervention for people who smoke cigarettes. The latest from Parade magazine is nothing more than merchants of doubt propaganda designed to keep smokers smoking.

That story and SO MUCh more!! Link explosion will be below. We are Danielle-less today due to her cross-country move, so I’ll be flying solo!! old school style.

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05:08 TBN GO!
10:10 Breaking News Concerning PMTA Denials
20:13 SB 57 Veto
23:40 Nicotine Gummies
57:16 Monitoring the Future Study
01:13:22 The Main Thing (Rage Article)
01:44:33 More Parade Magazine Misinformation

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