VLOG! AUG 25TH REPLAY | Some Actual good News | RENO Band Review!!

Hello and welcome! WELCOME AND HELLO! This is finally the AUG 25th REPLAY Livestream from Twitch. Back on the Tube. We had some actual good news this week as an 11th circuit court judge ruled that FDA’s decisions were “arbitrary” and “capricious”.

If I’m being honest, this was a week ago and I can’t quite remember what happened. I remember drinking too much beer. I remember some rocking good mail. I remember reviewing a band from my old hometown of Reno NV.

Anyway… gate is open, come on in. Link explosion that I can remember will be below.


00:00:00 Dangleclacks
00:02:36 Hello! quick rundown
00:05:30 Obey Robot
00:09:32 YouTube Jail
00:20:20 Beer
00:31:02 What I’ve Been Vaping
00:38:18 Assignment Planet Globe
00:48:57 Shoutouts
00:58:08 Build-A-Thing
01:24:46 Birthdays
01:30:27 News & Advocacy
01:54:42 Nick Guy the Science Man
02:05:32 Vape Mail
02:39:40 Band Review/GTKGG
02:55:02 Random Liquid Tasting

Stream Specific Links

Less Critical Recurring Links

Oops…no podcast this week!