VLOG! Juul Sued The FDA! Genesis Retro Vapes | Terrible Beer

Hello and welcome, welcome and hello. Got another action-packed VLOG for everyone tonight. Juul sued the FDA so we are gonna talk about it. Brian King from FDA said something smart and we are going to talk about it. I’ve REALLY REALLY been enjoying Twitch lately.

Sinister cooler arrived, and I have a Genesis atomizer to retro vape tonight. The beer is truly awful, like…. good lord the worst beer ever.


VLOG Starts – 06:45
Quick Rundown – 09:32
Patreon & Merch – 11:18
Beer – 14:00
What I’ve Been Vaping – 24:42
Assignment Planet Globe – 37:01
Trivia – 56:47
News & Advocacy – 01:07:00
Vape Mail – 01:29:12
Dangleclacks – 02:03:52
Retro Vaping – 02:05:11
Random Liquid Tasting – 02:45:59
Birthdays – 02:49:38

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