The VLOG Youtube Updates | I Was On TV It’s Whatever | NO ON PROP 31!!

Well hello and welcome, welcome and hello! Today is Thursday, which means it’s VLOG day, so lets goooooooo! Pretty big Youtube-related update in this, I may be getting my channel back at the end of Nov, but I still don’t 100% know. I am keeping my fingers the most crossed. I went on TV again and spoke up about Prop31 in California.

All the segments tonight, someday we might even talk about Danzig if I can remember to ever do that segment.

Anyway, gate is open, come on in. links are below.


VLOG Starts – 06:05
Quick Rundown – 07:42
Dangleclacks – 09:14
Girl Scout Cookies – 10:11
Beer – 11:42
What I’ve Been Vaping – 18:22
Assignment Planet Globe – 27:03
YouTube Update – 34:05
Retro Vaping – 45:35
Dixxon Comes Off – 46:11
Birthdays – 01:32:48
News & Advocacy – 01:34:24
Vape Mail – 01:58:49
Random Liquid Tasting – 02:23:12

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