Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. Heading onward into 2022 with VLOG DAY. Most everything tonight yes, check, including a retro vape, beer, boosh. An RDA Retro Vape as well.

I’ve got some news about our friend THE SUB TANK MINAYY!! Otherwise, let’s just hang out and be generally awesome. Oh, liquid tasting as well because of course I want to do that.

The Caliburn G2 coil heads are notorious for being messy. While I have had the occasional messy pod, they do stay clean for the most part. The Caliburn GK2 uses the same pods and coil heads from the Caliburn G2.

The Uwell Caliburn GK2 device itself is pretty rad, it’s much less slender than the other Caliburn AK2 ( Koko ) but still offers a nice hand-feel, and is honestly so lightweight, that you could easily rock it on a lanyard.

Welcome back to TBN. Industry news, advocacy, and information. Today’s Topics Include: China and its new, potentially detrimental national e-cigarette regulations. The biggest vape lawsuit from Triton is still a very real thing. Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes?!?!?! This is a thing and we discuss it.

Plenty of other newsy bits and science bits to discuss, and I miss unpopular opinions with Danielle Jones. So I want to make some room for that today.

As “editing this guy” said, the 909 Dot RBA never promised me a mouth to lung, so I’m not counting the lack of one against it. The flavor on the 909 DOT RBA is just straight up bangin good. The airflow feels as smooth as it can in the DotAIO. Building and wicking on the 909 Dot RBA deck are both stress-free experiences thankfully.

55 for the RBA isn’t terrible, but others with similar experiences are up to 10 cheaper. Your mileage may vary.

As I said in the video. On any other day, without the RGB lights, the Freemax Maxus Solo is simply fine. Maybe a bit better than fine. Solid construction and a good chip, paired with good Freemax coil heads is a pretty winning combo. But honestly not anything revolutionary or anything.

RGB and LEDs aren’t exactly revolutionary either, but they add some style and bells and whistles that make this kinda stand apart. I think they did it in a really cool way, and most importantly gave you a lot of control over the lights including turning them off.

Man this Airscream AirsPops Pro Pod is really a damn thing. I’ve used all manner of pods over the years. Probably hundreds of them. This one has really swept me off my feet in a big way.

The draw ( as I said in the video ) is circling perfection. Med/Tight draw, really good flavor, really good auto-switch. I don’t love the power-down feature, but I believe that to be a UK regulation, so I’m not going to hold it against it too badly.