VLOG! The Dumbest Quit Smoking Product EVER | The BEST Retro Vape Tho

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. Heading onward into 2022 with VLOG DAY. Most everything tonight yes, check, including a retro vape, beer, boosh. An RDA Retro Vape as well.

I’ve got some news about our friend THE SUB TANK MINAYY!! Otherwise, let’s just hang out and be generally awesome. Oh, liquid tasting as well because of course I want to do that.

Thanks for being here, the gate is open. Come on in. Link explosion will be below.


00:00 hold please
05:14 Hello And Welcome
07:07 Quick Rundown
11:11 Beer Time
24:35 What I’ve Been Vaping
35:04 Retro Vaping / Dixxon Comes Off
01:08:26 News & Advocacy
01:35:07 Birthdays
01:42:19 Assignment Planet Globe
01:52:27 Vape Mail
02:10:17 Getting to Know Grimm Green
02:25:40 Random Liquid Tasting

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