Hello and welcome! welcome and hello, to the VLOG replay from 10/6/22. I apologize for the replay being so late. This will normally be up the SUNDAY after I stream.

I have a bit of an announcement in this video that I’m really hoping people will get on board with. This isn’t necessarily a forever thing. But it’s definitely a “right now” thing, and I will absolutely explain myself.

Well hello and welcome! Time for some hot vape VLOG DAY action. HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAY… I actually do not celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day and I’ll tell ya why. Also, for some reason, my camera is flipped and I honestly have no idea why. I’ll get it fixed before the next stream, hopefully.

Should be a damn fun ass VLOG tonight. Got some beer, got some juice, got a double dose of retro-vaping tonight as some redemption for the segment that always gets bumped.

Welcome back to TBN. Vape industry news, advocacy and information. We pride ourselves on following science and fact over politics and partisan lines. Our guests often include health advocates, experts and doctors. Timestamps are the first pinned comment underneath this video. Science will win, Vaping is going to change the world and save millions and millions of lives

Every Tuesday afternoon for roughly an hour and a half, We will be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, tobacco, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction. Let’s get educated and fight the good fight together!

The USPS (UPS / FexEX ) Vape mail ban is coming at us fast. Like all things in the vape world and tobacco control. It’s not over, until it’s over. USPS is looking for feedback on this, and who better to provide it than the consumers that use these products? Also going to touch on Canada again and their Nic Cap legislation coming up.
I wanted to also spend some time on the most recent UK Public Health England – Vaping Evidence Update. This is the 7th update and not to spoil it, but they still really really support vaping and want even more of their citizens doing it.
I wanted to discuss The Real Cost campaign as well. I guess we all knew that this was a government funded propaganda machine, but I guess the gravity of that didn’t really hit me until today.
Then lastly I want to mention Germany. Recently a judge decided that the advertising slogan “E-cigarettes save lives” is not misleading. Boosh that’s a win. All this and much much more on today’s TBN.

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Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 7/2/20!!!

We will be going through many of the regular segments this week including Beer, Retro Vaping, Liquid Tasting and more. Gates open, come on in!! ALMOST NO MAIL THIS WEEK!! but i’m pretty sure there are some British MTL coils in this boxt hough, were gonna try em on the KayFun. I also have some British liquid as well for the liquid tasting. I also might rant about how everyone is saying “pOd SyStEmS aRe rUiNiNg tHe vApE inDuStRy” but i’m sick of being mad so also maybe not

All pertinent links will be available down below My main man Jeremy V will also be collecting those time stamps and they will be down below as well

Welcome back to Tuesday Bro Tuesday. Same show by name only. Timestamps for the program will be down below.

Each week for roughly an hour and a half we will all be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction.

Today’s Topics include: Discrediting the myth making machine. Where to all the big “Health” orgs stand on harm reduction products like vaping? why did the ACS change their stance on vaping in 2019? Colorado is now the 2nd state in the republic to make less harmful vapor products MORE EXPENSIVE than combustible tobacco. Curious.

Time for some cathartic rage sweat. Links and timestamps are below