VLOG! 10/6/22 An Announcement | A HUGE Study backs Vaping | Maggots?!

Hello and welcome! welcome and hello, to the VLOG replay from 10/6/22. I apologize for the replay being so late. This will normally be up the SUNDAY after I stream.

I have a bit of an announcement in this video that I’m really hoping people will get on board with. This isn’t necessarily a forever thing. But it’s definitely a “right now” thing, and I will absolutely explain myself.

Public Health England has put out their 8th Vaping Evidence Report and their advice has remain unchanged. 95% less harmful, Every person that smokes currently should switch immediately. If you don’t do either, don’t start. So basically what the vape community has been saying since 2015? 2016?

Anyway, sorry… Beer for sure, Retro vaps, Mail Call, Very Random liquid tasting, all included. Gate is open, come on in. Timestamps will be the first pinned comment.


VLOG Starts – 06:04
Quick Rundown – 07:27
Dog Story – 09:14
Beer – 17:34
YouTube Update – 25:12
What I’ve Been Vaping – 46:53
Assignment Planet Globe – 56:50
Trivia – 01:04:56
News & Advocacy – 01:13:42
Vape Mail – 01:38:15
Retro Vaping + Liquid Tasting – 01:55:38
Birthdays – 02:39:52

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