Keep in mind this isn’t directed at anybody in particular just at the overall pitiful response I saw on social media to this announcement. I’m not asking you to join the PMI fan club, I’m not even a member myself, but when people crap on big tobacco, simply because they are big tobacco, they end up sounding like a little Bloomberg minion. PMI has done more for THR than our own trusted FDA, these are just facts.

You want to discuss PMI VS The hobby vape industry? Then we would be having a different conversation. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. But I’m not going to stand in the way of someone who stands for vaping.

Hello and welcome! welcome and hello, to the VLOG replay from 10/6/22. I apologize for the replay being so late. This will normally be up the SUNDAY after I stream.

I have a bit of an announcement in this video that I’m really hoping people will get on board with. This isn’t necessarily a forever thing. But it’s definitely a “right now” thing, and I will absolutely explain myself.

Well hello and welcome, welcome and hello! Being all HELLA edgy and flipping the bird. I feel like doing some FDA Trashing tonight, so that’s what we will do. Obviously, yes beer ( kinda ). Yes Mail, Yes liquid tasting, yes german records, and GTKGG.

I still haven’t told the Star Wars Celebration story, that might have to wait until next week. I also wanna try to “Build-a-thing” so we might have a VOTE on that as well.

Welcome back to TBN: Industry news, advocacy, and information! It’s been a min since we have had a TBN live stream so we probably have a lot to get caught up on. President of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association ( AVM ) Amanda Wheeler is here today to discuss all things FDA, JUUL, Lawsuits, Owning a VapeShop in this climate and so much more. If you have any questions for Amanda or us, let them fly in the chat.

Useful link explosion will be below