Hello and welcome! welcome and hello, to the VLOG replay from 10/6/22. I apologize for the replay being so late. This will normally be up the SUNDAY after I stream.

I have a bit of an announcement in this video that I’m really hoping people will get on board with. This isn’t necessarily a forever thing. But it’s definitely a “right now” thing, and I will absolutely explain myself.

Well hello and welcome, welcome and hello! Being all HELLA edgy and flipping the bird. I feel like doing some FDA Trashing tonight, so that’s what we will do. Obviously, yes beer ( kinda ). Yes Mail, Yes liquid tasting, yes german records, and GTKGG.

I still haven’t told the Star Wars Celebration story, that might have to wait until next week. I also wanna try to “Build-a-thing” so we might have a VOTE on that as well.

Welcome back to TBN: Industry news, advocacy, and information! It’s been a min since we have had a TBN live stream so we probably have a lot to get caught up on. President of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association ( AVM ) Amanda Wheeler is here today to discuss all things FDA, JUUL, Lawsuits, Owning a VapeShop in this climate and so much more. If you have any questions for Amanda or us, let them fly in the chat.

Useful link explosion will be below