VLOG! General FDA Trashing | New M.TERK Mail | Build-A-Thing

Well hello and welcome, welcome and hello! Being all HELLA edgy and flipping the bird. I feel like doing some FDA Trashing tonight, so that’s what we will do. Obviously, yes beer ( kinda ). Yes Mail, Yes liquid tasting, yes german records, and GTKGG.

I still haven’t told the Star Wars Celebration story, that might have to wait until next week. I also wanna try to “Build-a-thing” so we might have a VOTE on that as well.

Gate is open, come on in. Link explosion will be below.


Vlog Starts – 06:03
Quick Rundown – 09:47
Beer – 14:43
Assignment Planet Globe – 28:30
What I’ve Been Vaping – 42:36
News & Advocacy – 56:14
Beer #2 – 01:35:22
Build-A-Thing (Dani V2 RDA) – 01:48:04
Vape Mail – 02:27:48
Getting to Know Grimm Green – 03:06:35
Random Liquid Tasting – 03:31:29

Stream Specific Links

Less Critical Recurring Links

Oops…no podcast this week!