TBN! Amanda Wheeler of the AVM is here! BREAKING FDA NEWS!!

Welcome back to TBN: Industry news, advocacy, and information! It’s been a min since we have had a TBN live stream so we probably have a lot to get caught up on. President of the American Vapor Manufacturers Association ( AVM ) Amanda Wheeler is here today to discuss all things FDA, JUUL, Lawsuits, Owning a VapeShop in this climate and so much more. If you have any questions for Amanda or us, let them fly in the chat.

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**Courtesy of Breezetones

TBN start – 05:00
Content rundown – 07:28
Citizen’s petition/Call to Action – 07:31
Amanda Wheeler – 10:50
Citizen’s petition/Call to Action Explanation Part 2 – 11:30
Vape shop talk – 18:58
Vape shop employees are important! – 24:55
Juul/FDA decision and discussion – 26:00
The Dishonesty – 30:50
FDA gets caught – 32:12
Turning Point and the Media – 33:25
Unsubstantiated theories – 35:50
User fees/Budget – 40:04
The FDA litigation anecdote – 41:11
Crisis communication PR firm hiring – 44:12
How will this pan out in the big picture? – 46:42
Amanda’s job application for CTP – 49:58
Danielle’s common sense – 53:07
How do we hold the FDA accountable? – 55:43
AVM receives a shocking response – 56:21
People outside the bubble are angry at the FDA – 1:08:25
National Defense Authorization Act amendment withdrawn – 1:10:47
The Future? – 1:15:08

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