Goodbye YouTube I guess

I mean i’m not saying goodbye to YouTube just yet.  I’m saying im getting sick of their constant moving of the goal posts as to what is acceptable and unacceptable on their platform.  YouTube themselves can’t even seem to get a direct answer out.

So as I said in the video, not sure what’s going to happen.  I’m in a little bit of YouTube “jail” right now and honestly I feel legitimately frightened to continue uploading on the platform.

I’m not willing to gamble with 10 years worth of hard work getting deleted because YouTube decided nicotine in endangering people.  Let’s totally live in a nerf world where nothing can possibly harm us.

Anyway, thanks to the GrimmArmy for always having my back, i’m not going ANYWHERE, we will continue to fight corruption and stand up for vapers rights at every turn.

In the meantime, find me here