Recharge and Rebuild!! the Caliburn

I LIKE THE CALIBURN OK?! it’s truly and honestly just a great refillable IMO. I know it’s not for everyone, but it’s for me. The nick-built coil head didn’t fair so well after a few solid hours of vaping. I’ll have an update in the VLOG this week.

It got burnt burnt real quick. What can I say? it was my first time. The idea is there, it’s just going to take practice. Even at $7 for 9 coils. Two sets would still be the price of 4-5 new pods. Figuring you mess 1/2 of them up, that’s still 9 new working coils and with some practice could be 18. At the end of the day you have to decide how much effort is worth the money savings.

As for the charger, it works flawlessly. With a charged battery and charger you are essentially walking around with a 1,750 mah Caliburn battery, that ain’t so bad. I honestly wish I could just design a doper PCC for the Caliburn. J-Mate was a SPONSOR in this video.

J-Mate Caliburn Charger

Coilmaster Rebuild Kit for Caliburn