Asgard Mini – Build Stream – in 40min or less – Also I’m an idiot

After hearing nothing but hype hype hype hype hype for the Asgard Mini ( and Asgard in general ) I went and purchased an Asgard Mini. I’ll explain why I’m an idiot in the stream, but I’m excited to finally vape this thing!! going to install some Cloud Revolution Aliens today and run it on the CLUTCH mech mod (hopefully)

Spoiler Alert, It went awesome and it’s a great vape. I’l lhave all my post-stream thoughts down below.



These 0.11 Cloud Revolution Aliens (Game over man) ARE HOT!! on this Clutch mech they are just crazy hot. I wish this RDA had more airflow. I’m surprised I can’t use it without the ultem insert because I think that would really help. Maybe next time I should do some higher resistance 2.5mm coils.

Gotta pull those coils way way in, practically center them or they run the risk of scorching your ultem. The AFC is nice, the airflow itself is shockingly smooth and the flavor is good. The flavor is good because of the level of spit back that happens( Even when the spitback has subsided the flavor is still pretty damn good). Spitback used to be a negative thing, now it feels like everyone stopped caring because “zOMG FLAVOR BRO” but it’s still obnoxious to me.

Purging is a MUST with this RDA. Just due to where you have to place your coils. Maybe the issue isn’t as prevalent with a squonk, but it’s definitely prevalent when you are dripping. You get that little pool of juice where your coils meet and that needs to be purged away, or even just quickly firing your coils will help that go away. You don’t want liquid hot magma in your mouth.

I purchased my Asgard mini from Vaping Delights , top notch customer service IMO.

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