The Bogan BLOTTO Mini – Build Stream in 38 min or less (FT: Odin Mini)

The BOGAN BLOTTO MINI ( along with the Odin Mini ) arrived yesterday and I really really wanted to get it built so I could get to using it. So here we are, another build stream, hopefully there will be much less hot-spotting going on. i’m anxious to get in there and build it up. I’ve got some mystery coils and some cotton bacon and some juice all ready to go.


it’s a weird deck to me, I know it’s the same as the OG Blotto, but it feels cramped in this small tank. It’s not difficult, just odd. The way the positive and negative posts are positioned makes sense now that I can see them, but at first I was just confused. A single coil will work ( and i’ll be trying it shortly ) but the wick holes are LARGE so I still feel like a 3.5mm or 4mm single coil will work better in here. 2.5mm dual coils are bang on perfect in this deck. Didn’t thin my wicks and it seems to be wicking really well. No dry hits to speak of.

As for the Odin Mini? kind of in love with it. It’s small, like Clutch sized small. Especially for a single 21700 battery. It’s a DNA75C so you will have no lack of power and you get that nice smooth DNA signal. It’s comfy as fuck to hold and use. This is a keeper IMO.

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