Aromamizer Plus V2 – Steam Crave – Build Stream

This Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA was sent over to me by one of my patrons Justin H! yoyoy and thank you so much brother. I’m excited to attempt to get this thing going. I have not had a lot of luck with the Steam Crave products in the past, but i’ve heard nothing but good things about this Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA ( which is what Steam Crave calls an RTA because reasons ).


I’m going to do a little homework on this one before we jump right into it, so its not exactly going in blind blind, just mostly blind. Post stream thoughts will be down below.


Dude this thing is a MONSTER of a tank. It’s cloud chasey and truly does vape like a dripper, my mind is blown. My only experience with any of the Steam Crave stuff was that first Aromamizer back in 2016 and it was not a great experience. This has kind of blown me away. The airflow is fairly smooth, easy build, easy wick, MONSTER vape. I rarely get up to 100w these days and this can handle it no problem. I’m impressed.

My original Aromamizer video
Please forgive my fat fat fatty fat fat face

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