Tuesday Bro Tuesday – Let’s Really Follow The Money – Vapers Cost The State BILLIONS

Welcome back to Tuesday Bro Tuesday. Same show by name only.

Each week for roughly an hour and a half we will all be discussing the topics of the day. As well as current breaking news from the world of vaping, nicotine and tobacco harm reduction.

Today’s Topics include: Discrediting the myth making machine. We always talk about how intrusive and disruptive vaping is, but just HOW intrusive is it? well today were going to do some math ( not my strong suit, but don’t worry i’ve had Siri double check all my work ). How much to states really loose if their citizens switch to vaping? the answers might surprise you. Spoilers IT IS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

Also Cuomo in NY just passed legislation to allow ice cream manufacturers in the state to spike their products with alcohol! despite alcohol contributing to roughly 6,000 underage deaths every year. As Cuomo himself would say.. SO WHAT?

Timestamps and links are below

[TIMESTAMPS] Vlog Starts – 04:52 CASAA Vape Mail Call to Action – 08:51 Combating Underage E-Cigarette Sales – 10:26 You Don’t Know Nicotine Update – 27:30 Liquor-Infused Ice Cream – 38:02 Rage News from India – 48:22 Nebraska Indoor Vape Ban – 52:05 Follow the Money – 57:55Show less

Courtesy of Jeremy V

Some GrimmGreen Merch if ya want

Protect Vape Mail Call To Action

California Call To Action

West Virginia Call To Action

Marijuana Vaping to Over-hype Harms of E-Cigarettes

You Don’t Know Nicotine Trailer

Cuomo approves manufacture and sale of liquor-infused ice cream, frozen desserts

Feinstein: Combatting Underage E-Cigarette Sales

Rising popularity of vaping blamed for drop in WV’s tobacco settlement payment

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