ETHER RTA – Build / Rundown – in 52 min or less

JUST got this Ether RTA in the mail and i’m DYING to get a build in it. I’m a bit of a mouth-to-lung snob, so i’m really excited to see how this RTA vapes. My hopes are set pretty high right out of the gate. Basically going in blind on this, I now there are some inserts for controlling the airflow. I also have the “glass pack” which are the bigger glass portions for a bit more capacity. Stoked to see how this turns out.

Hold Screen Ends At – 3:47


Alright this thing is a banger. As I said in the video, with an insert under the coil and the exterior AFC set to the one open hole, I love it. It’s not a tight tight tight MTL ( which you can get by using the exterior pin hole ) but it’s still a tight-ish MTL. Really nice flavor with the terk coil in there. Some harder angles on the chimney would have given it more flavor I think. The DVARW RTA has almost completely replaced my KayFun in my daily MTL carry, time will tell if this can replace the DVARW.

I would highly recomend picking up the “glass pack” as well. bigger capacity (4ml) tank sections are a must have IMO.