Trilogy RTA – Vaperz Cloud – Build / Rundown in 46 Min or less

Hold Screen Ends At 4:46

Just got this from Vaperz Cloud. I realize this is an “older” RTA in that it came out in DEC of 2019 but i’m still stoked to try it. Only in the vape world is an 8 month old product considered “old” no matter. I got some helpful hits from Mr South-Ern-Comfort on how to wick this thing. I’m worried about leaks with this for some reason. Fingers crossed. After-stream-thoughts will be down below.

GrimmGreen YouTube


As I said in the video, this thing is vaping GREAT. Feels a lot like that Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA from Steam Crave, almost identical. I clipped my coils at a 6.5mm on the coily tool, but really it should have been around a 6mm. They are a touch high and almost reach the top of the chimney. No leaking at all, and it’s wicking like a champ. Flavor is quite good, but I have a feeling it’s due to the slight spitback that happens with this. Turn the wattage up and the spitback kinda goes away, but it’s still slightly slightly “spitty”

Airflow is delightfully smooth and plentiful. Easily adjustable as well. Really enjoying this thing so far. Very dense rich clouds.

Vaperz Cloud