234th VAPE VLOG!! NEAT! GWAR! Reload Vapor! Snus Too!

Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 2/18/21!!! NUMBER 234! Timestamps are the first pinned comment under this video. We will be going through many of the regular segments tonight including Beer, Vape Mail, Liquid Tasting, Retro Vaping and more. I have some mail from Reload Vapor that could be awesome. SNUS is allowed to make some bold new claims that I think will really only help vaping in the long run. Rants sprinkled throughout AND I have a pretty awesome retro clip from my 10th VLOG ever. yay.

There will be a Getting To Know GrimmGreen segment as well tonight because the record I bought finally arrived! We are going to talk about GWAR some more because this album is pretty terrible. Welcome everyone, Gates open, come on in!


00:00 Sweet Dancing
05:00 Hello And Welcome
10:21 My Favorite Thing
12:40 Shout outs/Comments of the week
18:10 Beer TIME
22:35 What I’ve Been Vaping
30:49 News & Advocacy
36:45 Snus MRTP
46:15 Japan and Heat Not Burn
52:00 FDA ridiculousness (slow clap please)
54:55 Charles Gardner hyperlink doc
58:25 Big Superchats
01:04:45 Vape Mail is at
01:09:56 The Dixxon’s coming off
01:15:35 Reload S RTA
01:20:25 Superchats
01:28:18 Random Liquid Tasting starts at
01:29:35 #dangleclack from the 10th Vlog ever (Dec 11th, 2013)
01:34:50 Random Liquid Tasting (Cont)
01:39:45 Actually tasting Hoggatt’s Yoggatts/Bio break/Intermission
01:44:53 Retro Vape + Epiclouds
01:54:50 Getting to Know Grimm Green + GWAR
02:01:40 Quick look around

Stream Specific Links

Help Build A House For Harde – Abounding In Love
Safer Nicotine Wiki
Japan Tobacco warns of profit decline, to slash jobs and focus on heat sticks
Stop Canadian Nic Limits
My 10th VLOG

Less Critical Recurring Links

GrimmGreen Merch Store
GTKGG – The Jamz
The Coldest Water (PAID SPONSOR) – Use code “GRIMM” for 10% off

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