TBN! Play By The Rules, Still Get Screwed – Thanks FDA

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Today I want to talk about the FDA and what a really cruddy organization they are. With the help of CASAA I want to “build a case” against the FDA and their non-action on regulating e-cig and vapor products. When it’s all laid out it’s pretty astonishing how slowly and ineffectively the FDA moved on e-cigs. While the UK was encouraging it’s citizens to switch to less harmful e-cigs, the FDA was dragging it’s feet and demonizing vaping like cigarettes. We are also going to talk about the vape mail ban and the victims it will be claiming. Want to mention what is going on in Canada, and if we have time, i’m going to share some Science. We are here to discredit the myth making machine my friends.


00:00 Sweet Hold Screen
05:10 Welcome Back
07:05 Stream Overview
10:00 Current CASAA call to actions
11:20 Texas and launching calls to action
14:00 Help CASAA with info
18:40 Money and donations
20:40 CASAA podcast
22:05 Canada (Rights4Vapers)
24:20 Nic Cap discussion
29:40 Canada comment period
31:08 RIGHTS4Vapers link/Call to action
32:15 Vape mail ban
38:25 Prohibition facts
40:00 FDA/The events timeline from 2009
01:17:00 Conclusion: FDA’s handling of the situation
01:22:50 Big time Vapes + USVA Supreme Court case
01:24:15 Science! ‘Vaping less addictive than smoking, study suggests’
01:27:20 Getting to know Danielle Jones

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